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Episode 33: Donuts and More

Mike and friend Chris Rowe go to America’s favorite donut shop. Shit gets real when they visit a surprise guest!


Episode 32: The Return

Mike talks late at night with his friend Bill, and his girlfriend Kelsey. Shit gets real as they get tired and semi-incoherent. MIUwMC is back!


Episode 29: Highway to…

In this episode, Mike talks about his weekend at the most recent Mike’s No Mic Open Mic, his new favorite album, and road rage.  Shit gets real when the weather fights for road dominance… who will win?!?


Episode 5: Leggo My Ego

Mike visits long-time friend Justin Strawser and discusses the relationship between performers and their egos.  As usual, the conversation goes to various other places… and guess what…?  Shit gets real.


Episode 3: Appropriately Inappropriate

Mike sits down with his friend Bill Russum (of the Popular Outcasts podcast) to discuss comedy, responsibility, and morality.  Shit also gets a little too real.

WARNING: We use some words that may offend some people.