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Episode 38: The Sexy Sex Episode

Mike is joined by past guests Ryan Obie and Kelsey Blue. Mike let the guests choose the topic of this week’s episode, and shit gets real as the three talk about sex and sexy things.

Warning: this episode is for mature audiences only.

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Episode 23: MIUwMC: The Musical

After receiving some positive feedback on the musical bits featured in previous episodes, Mike dedicates an entire episode to his old, shitty, extremely embarrassing music.  He also decided after recording the intro not to play a new podcast intro he’s been working on.  He’s weird like that.  Also… shit gets really real.  WARNING:  Some of the lyrical content featured in some of these songs may be considered extremely offensive and in no way reflects the opinions of Mike, POP’N, or anyone who’s not an asshole.

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Episode 6: The Way We Were

Mike sits down a mixes it up with fellow podcaster Mike Bennett.  The discussion focuses on growth, but also goes into who can share a more embarrassing story. Also, there is a farting dog. And shit gets real…

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