Monthly Archives: August 2013


Episode 11: Secrets

Mike talks with long-time friend Jeff about all sorts of shit.  About 40 minutes in, Jeff drops a fuckin’ nuclear bomb.  SHIT GETS REAL, FOLKS!  (seriously)

droppin a log

Episode 10: Spoiler Alert

Mike talks with long-time friend and fellow podcaster Aislinn.  They discuss their favorite movies, TV shows, and other such shit.  Also, Mike starts describing scenes from “Human Centipede II (Full Sequence),” and then shit gets real.


Episode 9: The Religion Episode

Mike talks with long-time friend Chris about growing up in a strict Catholic household. They also discuss various negative psychological effects religion can have on youth. Also… (holy) shit gets real.

Episode 8: Twenty Questions

Mike and fellow podcaster Chris Rowe play a fun game of modified 20 Questions.  This episode was recorded in the great outdoors, where shit always gets real.