Monthly Archives: July 2013

Episode 7: Podpourri

After realizing he forgot to book a guest this week, Mike mixes up a special episode consisting of several different segments.  Phone calls, mini-monologues, listener mail, stand-up, and more!!!  Oh yeah, and shit get’s real.

2tone 3

Episode 6: The Way We Were

Mike sits down a mixes it up with fellow podcaster Mike Bennett.  The discussion focuses on growth, but also goes into who can share a more embarrassing story. Also, there is a farting dog. And shit gets real…

2tone 2

2tone 1


Episode 5: Leggo My Ego

Mike visits long-time friend Justin Strawser and discusses the relationship between performers and their egos.  As usual, the conversation goes to various other places… and guess what…?  Shit gets real.


Episode 4: This Episode is Pretty Gay

Mike visits his good friend Ryan Oberlin (“Obie”) and they discuss many aspects of gay culture, social media, hooking up, and hate crimes.  This one is tons of fun!  And then shit gets real.


Episode 3: Appropriately Inappropriate

Mike sits down with his friend Bill Russum (of the Popular Outcasts podcast) to discuss comedy, responsibility, and morality.  Shit also gets a little too real.

WARNING: We use some words that may offend some people.