Monthly Archives: November 2013

Episode 24: Work Stuff

Mike talks about some recent issues he’s been having at work.  He also talks about stand-up stuff.  Shit will get real.  Deal with it.

Technical Difficulties…

Hello listeners.  Due to the difficulties of living a mountain life (lol… sadly, that’s true), this week’s episode may be a little late.  Hopefully not more than a few hours though.  Thanks for your understanding.

fun red x

Episode 23: MIUwMC: The Musical

After receiving some positive feedback on the musical bits featured in previous episodes, Mike dedicates an entire episode to his old, shitty, extremely embarrassing music.  He also decided after recording the intro not to play a new podcast intro he’s been working on.  He’s weird like that.  Also… shit gets really real.  WARNING:  Some of the lyrical content featured in some of these songs may be considered extremely offensive and in no way reflects the opinions of Mike, POP’N, or anyone who’s not an asshole.

fun yellow yay

Episode 22: Things and Stuff

Mike talks about what he’s been into lately.  And stand-up.  And shit gets real.

Episode 21: A Word About Words

Mike talks about losing a word from his vocabulary.  Among other things, shit gets real.