Monthly Archives: September 2013


Episode 16: Pod-Fodder?

Again, Mike had no guest for this episode, so he mixed up an episode of car recordings, musical segments, and rap songs… oh boy, does shit get real?!

Meg and I (2)

Episode 15: Meet the Ex’s

After getting a voicemail, Mike decides to take some listener advice and do a proper relationship episode. This is definitely a longer episode, but shit gets super-real.

Episode 14: Mike and Jared Go To the Movies

Mike and previous guest Jared discuss movies, tak movie trivia, and play some movie related games.  If you love movies… then shit’s about to get real!


Episode 13: Son of Pod-Pourri

Finding himself without a guest (yet again), Mike whips up a mighty fine Pod-Pourri episode.  Voice-mails, stories, phone-calls, and of course… shit getting real.


Episode 12: Death and Mortality

Mike and his friend Jared sit down and talk about their experiences with death, their fears or mortality, and views on life after death.  This episode gets a little dark at times… and per usual… shit gets real.