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Episode 41: All By Myself

In this episode, Mike is once again alone in his car. Listen as he desperately searches for a topic. Also… hotdogs and cigarettes! Shit gets real!

Episode 40: New Job Blues

Mike records a new solo episode on his way home from his new job. He also eats hotdogs and smokes a cigarette. Thrilling! Shit will get real.

Episode 39: Truly Mixin’ It

In this truly mixed up episode, Mike talks about comedy with special guest Nick Rehak.  They travel throughout 4 different locations and find extra-special past guest Andrew Smith.  Shit gets all kinds of real!



Episode 26: Dear Diary

Mike talks about everything from body mods to possibly being pregnant.  Also in this episode… road rage!  (Also some shitty video-gamey dance music.)  Shit gets real.  Fo’ realsies.

Episode 25: On the Road Again

Mike travels to perform stand-up.  On his way home, he discusses post-weekend depression.  Shit gets real.