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Episode 35: Fun and Games

Mike talks with guests Chris and Andrew (of The Delusional Loners Podcast), and Kelsey Blue about their experiences and love of various types of gaming. Shit gets real when Mike receives a Magic lesson.


Episode 34: Mixed Delusions

Mike sits down with Andrew and Chris of The Delusional Loners podcast. They discuss all sorts of ridiculous shit. Then… said shit gets real.

Episode 33: Donuts and More

Mike and friend Chris Rowe go to America’s favorite donut shop. Shit gets real when they visit a surprise guest!


Episode 30: Mike Gets Mushy

Mike gets mushy.  Shit gets real.


Episode 28: Sleepy-Time Stand-Up

Mike tries to stay awake on a late-night venture.  Also… Stand-up comedy!  Shit get’s real.

Episode 27: Snow Daze

Mike gets caught in a snow storm.  He talks about panic attacks, movies, scarves, and much more.  Shit will get real.


Episode 26: Dear Diary

Mike talks about everything from body mods to possibly being pregnant.  Also in this episode… road rage!  (Also some shitty video-gamey dance music.)  Shit gets real.  Fo’ realsies.